FIGHT ISLAND – Ola VS Victoria


Movie 8 min

There is an island where women from all over the world come to fight. They fight to prove they are the best in their chosen form of martial arts. The only way to prove that these fighters are the best, is for something to be on the line for them to fight over. At Fight Island both fighters always have the most valuable thing that they both possess on the line… Their lifes! All fights on Fight Island are to the death! Only ONE fighter will leave the ring with their life!

Ola, after winning a world championship title has decided to prove her skill at Fight Island! Her opponent, Victoria is herself a very accomplished fighter. Ola arrives early and stretches a little to prepare for her fight! Who wins? How vicious do these fighters get? What happens? Here is your opportunity to find out!

Enjoy your viewing, Regards, HotFight studio team

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