Terms and service

We are: Hotfighting.com


1. Introductory Terms

“We,” “Us,” or “Supplier” means the Administration of the Site. Accordingly pronouns such as “Us,” “We,” “Our,” “Ours,” etc., are referring to the Website or just a Site.

“You,” means the User – As a User of this Website. Hereinafter, the User of the Website shall be referred to in applicable second-person pronouns.

“Materials” means the visual and textual information intended for viewing and sale on our Website.

2 Introduction

Welcome to Our Clients Agreement The provisions of this Agreement will govern Your use of Our Website, and before taking any action on the pages of our website, please carefully read all the terms of this Agreement. If after reading this Agreement You’ll have any questions, or wishes, please contact us by email hotfight2020@gmail.com

3.Terms of use

You must agree to all of the terms in this Agreement before using the Website. If You not agree with the terms in this Agreement, you must leave this website.

4. Age restrictions

User of our Site must have attained the age of majority in Your country. You warrant that You are at least eighteen (18) or twenty-one (21) years of age, depending from the laws in your country of residence. If you have not reached the age which is considered adult in Your country You must immediately leave this website.

5. The provisions relating to Content

      5.1 You understand and accept that Our Site and Products were created for rest and fun purposes.

      5.2 You understand and accept that all content intended for sale at our Website is fiction. All the actions in the Video clips and Photos have been played by the actors. Everything You see as a weapon – is fake. The blood You can see in some clips is artificial and designed to enhance the viewing experience of media product.

       5.3 You acknowledge and stipulate that some of the Materials have are expressive content. If You feel that any Material on the Website may be offensive to You – please contact us by email hotfight2020@gmail.com

   6. Copyright

        6.1 This Website belongs to Us, and We either own or have full rights to display all of the Materials thereupon.

        6.2 We declare that all Materials posted on our Website are our intellectual property and We aggressively enforce Our intellectual property rights. Any infringement will be prosecuted by the law.

        6.3 You agree that you will use this website, as well as materials purchased from it, solely for your personal use.. You may not use the Website for any other purposes including the following:

             6.3.1. Duplicate, reverse-engineer, decompile, disassemble. This applies both to individual parts of the Site and the Site as a whole.

             6.3.2 To purchase Video clips on our Website for further dissemination with the aim of commercial gain, for any public display without Our express prior written authorization.

             6.3.3 Create any derivative works based on the Website or any of the Materials contained therein.

             6.3.4 Remove, retouch, modify in any way any copyright or other notices from our Website or any of the Materials contained therein.

             6.3.5 Pass to third persons materials, purchased on our Website.\

7.  Notice

7.1  Notices by Users to Us shall be given by e-mail:  hotfight2020@gmail.com

8. Force majeure

8.1 We will not be liable for defaults or delayed refunds due to unforeseen circumstances, namely those that we can neither take into account nor prevent, including, but not limited to: natural disasters, war, acts of civil or military force or terrorism, non-performance of telecommunications or information infrastructure services; hacking, SPAM or any computer, server or software failure for as long as such event continues to delay the operation of the Site.

8.2 In the event that all components of our project remain operational, we will promptly resolve all issues that have arisen, in some cases before the end of the effect of force majeure.